Optical Coating Solutions, Inc.

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Developing robust optical coatings for space environments.




Development efforts include:

   * UV Reflectors and Broad-band Anti-Reflection coatings for

         - next generation multi-junction solar cells.

         - flexible IMM solar cells

   * Replace ITO with new transparent conductive material 

   * Robust to the following environments:

         - Radiation: protons and electrons

         - Solar UV exposure

         - Atomic Oxygen 

         - Humidity

         - Thermal cycling 


   *  2013 SBIR Phase II, Novel Environmental Protection for Multi-Junction Solar Cells

   *  2006 SBIR Phase II, Radiation Resistance Solar Cell Coverglass Coatings

Optical Coating Solutions, Inc was founded by:

         Carol Martinez

         Samuel Pellicori

         Michael Fulton (formerly Ion Beam Optics, Inc.) 

Ask the Experts!

We have decades of thin film coating design, materials, and deposition process expertise.  Let us apply our extensive knowledgebase to solve your coating challenge.

For more information, email us at:  info@opticalcoatingsolutions.com 



Optical Coatings Solutions, Inc. Advancing the performance of space-based optical coatings.

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